Did you tell you child how much you love him/her ?

The First Children’s Embassy in the World-Megjashi continues with the last year’s campaign for more love and attention towards the children, but now with the motto “Did you tell you child how much you love him/her?”.


For this purpose five motives for billboards were created with different situations in the family: with two parents and more children, single parent families, situations where parents show that they care for their children and other where parents don’t pay enough attention and don’t give enough love to the children. Throughout setting 41 billboards in Skopje, The Embassy Megjashi will carry out the message that the most important need of the children is love.









This campaign is a continuation of the campaign “Did you hug your child today?” that The Children’s Embassy Megjashi carried out at the beginning of 2007. The aim of both campaigns is initiating responsible parenthood. The more you show the children your love by hugging them, kissing them and telling them “I love you”, the more they will show that they deserve it. Love gives the bases for building children’s self-esteem and self-respect.








Accent Media are partners in the implementation of the campaign the same as last year and they provide 41 locations in Skopje free of charge. The illustrations are made by Smile Cvetanovski, illustrator, and part of the costs for the printing are covered by the Center for nonviolent action from Belgrade and Sarajevo.


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