Homo tabletis – Do not be a tablet parent

What was your baby's first word? Mummy? Daddy? Or maybe even tablet? If the word ‘tablet' appears early in your child's vocabulary, then it's very probable that your baby is a ‘Homo tabletis'.

Empowering Children Foundation has launched the awareness-raising campaign Homo Tabletis addressing parents of children aged 0 to 6 years. Action warns against premature and uncontrolled use of electronic devices, such as tablets and smartphones by youngest children. Authors of the campaign also show when and how to use electronic media for the benefit of the development of children. A key element of the campaign was the creation of an animated spot which presents an emerging new species of human: ‘Homo tabletis'.

The campaign conveys one main advice: Do not let children under the age of two use display devices. If you think, it is the right time, remember: 

-At the beginning - always together
-Not every day
-No more than 15 minutes at a time
-No more than 30 minutes a day
-Not during the mealtimes
-Not before sleep
-Only child-appropriate content
-Not as a punishment or reward

The campaign's website at www.homotabletis.org contains, among other resources, results of studies, campaign materials and a brochure with guidelines for parents. In Latvia campaign is coordinated by Centrs Dardedze. Our website has Polish, English and Latvian language versions. 

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