Bad touch campaign in Latvia

The campaign "Bad touch" was held in Latvia between 03.10.2011 and 24.11.2011. The launching event was held on the 3rd of October 2011 in the premises of the Center "Dardedze" . The partners of the campaign were: Ministry of Welfare who provided informative support and 7 regional crises centers providing services to abused children from Balvi, Dobele, Valmiera, Talsi, Zante, Allaži and Ventspils who organized local network discussions, communicated with local media, distributed materials and contributed to the success of the campaign in great deal.The campaign was conducted in both Latvian and Russian languages which helped to reach larger population of Latvia.

It was important that there was not only only media campaign organized but also special activities and events addressing parents, professionals and children as well as special lesson plan was developed for teachers and placed online for downloading This gave a much deeper meaning to the campaign, and together with the media campaign allowed the information to go out in a very wide scope.

In a snapshot test to see how many people have noticed campaign in Latvian society, the results came back to show relatively high result. It stated that up to 30% of the interviewed people, stated they had noticed the campaign (which is considered to be a rather high result for a social campaign, at least in Latvia). 79% of them had noticed campaign on TV, but 29% to the billboards and public transportation.

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