Helpline for children- Bulgaria

The Bulgarian National Helpline for Children offers information, counseling and help to children for a huge spectrum of problems. It uses harmonized European number 116 111 functions through a call-center at the State Agency for Child Protection (SACP).

“You should not be silent about the violence” campaign in Macedonia

The First Children's Embassy in the World Megjashi is conducting a campaign under the slogan "You should not be silent about the violence". The main goal is to inform the public about the violence that the children in Macedonia are facing. It is necessary to talk about the violence against children as it can cause serious and long lasting psychological harm. Fear, insecurity, low self-esteem, lack of information and lack of confidence in the institutions that are obliged to provide care and protection are the most common reasons why children are quiet about the violence and are not willing to reveal it and report it.

International day of SOS lines for children

International day of SOS lines for children is celebrated every year in May. Main purpose of this event is to disseminate the idea of assisting children through helplines and promote the existing ones. It was initiated by worldwide network of SOS lines - Child Helpline International. This year the day was celebrated under the leading theme: "Connect with children!".

CHI International Consultation 2008

On 16th - 19th November 2008 CHI's Fourth International Consultation was held in Amman, Jordan. The event was hosted Jordan River Foundation. The aim of the conference was to provide a platform for knowledge sharing, networking and thematic discussions with child helplines, child protection and private sector experts.