David Beckham and UNICEF #ENDViolence campaign

A powerful new film featuring UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham was released today to illustrate the brutal reality that physical and psychological abuse can mark children forever.

During the new 60-second UNICEF film, scenes of violence against children appear as animated tattoos on David Beckham’s body. While Beckham’s own tattoos were marks chosen to represent happy or important memories, millions of children bear marks they have not chosen: the long-lasting scars of violence and abuse. The animations in the film depict all too common forms of violence that boys and girls endure in spaces where they should be safe – their homes, schools, online and in their communities.

The spot is followed by the awareness-raising campaign run by famous sportsman, who chat with young people from all around the world to find ideas how to improve childrens' situation in local communities. Over 8000 young reporters gave their voice in a brainstorm. 

link to the video



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