Site visit in Swansea NSPCC Therapeutic Service

On 15th September representatives of the Childhood without Abuse project visited NSPCC Therapeutic Service Ty Findlay in Swansea, South Wales. Hospitable team of the center provided a wealth of information on their approach to child abuse therapy, procedures and methods used.

Functioning of the Therapeutic Service is based on the belief that children and young people who have experienced abuse are entitled to post-abuse recovery services and they can recover if they are given appropriate support. Often without therapeutic intervention they are unlikely to reach they full potential. The centre runs one-to-one therapeutic sessions and therapeutic groups. Variety of techniques is used, including therapeutic play, person-centered counseling, therapeutic stories, imaginary techniques.

Participants of the meeting had opportunity to exchange on their own ways of providing therapy and assessment to children victims of abuse. For many organisation and work done in Ty Findlay become a source on inspiration for change and improvement.

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