Coordinators meeting and site visit in Swansea

On 16th September 2009 in Swansea, Great Britain, coordinators of the Childhood without Abuse project met again to discuss recent developments in the project and plans for next activities. The meeting was attended by Tanya Kovaceva representing OAK Foundation and prof. Kevin Browne, who introduced preliminary outcomes of evaluation of 5 years project cycle that will come to an end in December 2009.
After the meeting a study visit to local organizations working with children experiencing various psychological or development difficulties was held. Coordinators and other representatives of partner organizations visited Stepping Stones Children's Centre providing services for pre- school children who have an emerging or diagnosed disability using variety of innovative tools and methods. Another point of the programme was Sexual Abuse Referral Centre, where participants met paediatrician specialised in diagnosing physical condition of children who suffered abuse.

The meeting and site visit followed 7th BASPCAN Congress that took place in Swansea between 13th and 16th September. The Congress gathered almost 600 child protection professionals from Great Britain and abroad and proved to be an excellent opportunity for project coordinators to become familiar with different aspects of child abuse prevention and therapy.








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