Sexual behaviours of children – developmental norm and pathology

Cover of the quarterly
Cover of the quarterly
No.16/2006 of the periodical "Abused Child. Theory, Research and Practice", published by Nobody's Children Foundation within the framework of the project "Childhood without Abuse in Eastern Europe" is focused on the topic of sexual behaviour problems in children, criterion of assessing them and treatment. According to Foundation's experiences and opinions heart form the experts there is still luck of knowledge about normative sexual behaviours in children. The magazine contains articles about Polish experiences in therapeutic work with sexually abused children. It is significant publication as there have been no many pieces dealing with this topic basing on Polish therapists' practice.

Table of contents:
1 Children with sexual behaviour problems. Task Force on children with sexual behaviour problems.
2 Developmental sexological norm as a criterion of assessing sexual behaviour in children and youth, Maria Beisert
3 Normative sexual behaviour in children: A contemporary sample, Wiliam N. Fridrich, Jennifer Fisher, Daniel Broughton, Margaret Houston, Constance R. Shafran
4 Children with Sexual Behaviour Problems: Assessment and Treatment, Barbara Bonner
5 How do children cope with psychological trauma? Selected elements of therapeutic work with a sexually abused child, Katarzyna Fenik
6 Psychological trauma in girls forced to prostitution, Beata Pawlak-Jordan, Małgorzata Szulik

The quarterly magazine "Abused Child. Theory, Research and Practice" has an interdisciplinary character and aims to broaden knowledge about different aspects of child abuse. In the periodical the most relevant theoretical concepts, empirical data and information about innovative activities of diagnostic, therapeutic and preventing character are presented. The goal of the periodical is to establish form of sharing experiences concerning combating child abuse, sharing good practice and information about important events like conferences, congresses, training and publications in this field. The quarterly magazine is published in Polish the table if contents and abstracts of articles are available in English on


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