Coordinators Meeting in Lisbon

Between 17th and 21st of November all the coordinators of the „Childhood without Abuse” project took part in the XIth ISPCAN European Regional Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect in Lisbon. Besides participating in all the sessions of the conference, there was a special Coordinators’ Meeting organized before the main event.


During the meeting all the representatives from the countries running the “Childhood without Abuse” project presented their achievements from the previous year and plans for the future. Under the chairmanship of Maria Keller-Hamela, the coordinators discussed the activities planned for the year 2008 as well as the new strategies of fundrasining and possible ways of improving cooperation between project’s partner.

Also Tanya Kovacheva from OAK Foundation, financing “Childhood without Abuse” project, managed to attend the meeting. She gave the coordinators a significant feedback of their work and encouraged them for further development of the project.


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