Childhood sexual abuse and its effects in adult life

Moldovan NCCAP and Polish Empowering Children Foundation (formerly Nobody's Children Foundation) conducted in their countries a study which goal was to examine long-term effects of sexual abuse of children, especially those related to risky sexual behaviours (multiple partners, promiscuous behaviours), susceptibility to re-victimization, and prostitution. Both studies were conducted in 2015 using the method of unstructured interviews with therapists and other professionals working with grown-up survivors of child sexual abuse. The respondents described cases of persons they had worked with. The full version reports from the studies are available respectively in Romanian and Polish and the executives summaries in English:

The executive summary of ECF's report in English
The full version of ECF's report in Polish
The executive summary of NCCAP's report in English
The full version of NCCAP's report in Romanian

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