Migrant Children: IOM/UNICEF Report (September 2017)

The report "Harrowing Journeys" shows that while all migrants and refugees are at high risk, children and youth on the move are far more likely to experience exploitation and trafficking than adults aged 25 years and above: nearly twice as likely on the Eastern Mediterranean route and at a rate 13 per cent higher on the Central Mediterranean route.

Furthermore, while all children on the move are at high risk, those originating from sub-Saharan Africa are far more likely to experience exploitation and trafficking than those from other parts of the world: 65 per cent compared to 15 per cent along the Eastern Mediterranean route, and 83 per cent compared to 56 per cent along the Central Mediterranean route. Racism is likely a major underlying factor behind this discrepancy.

Children and youth traveling alone or over longer periods, along with those possessing lower levels of education, were also found to be highly vulnerable to exploitation at the hands of traffickers and criminal groups over the course of their journeys.

The report is based on the testimonies of some 22,000 migrants and refugees, including some 11,000 children and youth, interviewed by IOM.

Last but not least the report calls on all concerned parties - countries of origin, transit and destination, the African Union, the European Union, international and national organizations with support from the donor community - to prioritize a series of actions. These include:
• establishing safe and regular pathways for children on the move;
• strengthening services to protect migrant and refugee children whether in countries of origin, transit or destination;
• finding alternatives to the detention of children on the move;
• working across borders to combat trafficking and exploitation;
• combating xenophobia, racism and discrimination against all migrants and refugees.

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