Child in the City 2008

For the 4th time the European Network Child Friendly Cities wants to invite everyone to participate in the Child in the City Conference which will be held at 3,4 and 5 November 2008 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.






The European Network for Child Friendly Cities and the Child in the City Foundation are co-operating on this conference, which focuses on two themes. The conference will discuss the theme of child-friendliness on a small scale: the Child Friendly Communities. Children can have an overview of this scale, which moreover enables a co-operation of a variety of partners which is easier to realise than on the level of the municipality. The second theme will offer an answer to a question that has been asked several times at the former conferences: when can a city be called a child friendly city, or what are the Points of Reference for Child Friendly Cities.

There are more than 300 representatives of municipalities, researchers and other stakeholders from all over Europe expected to contribute to the exchanges of practices and knowledge. As in the past, the conference will have a multidisciplinary character, bringing together politicians, urban planners, community workers, youth workers, civil servants and everyone who’s involved in making communities more child friendly. To enrich the attendee experience, the Program Committee selects speakers from cities with exciting experiences on the field and includes internationally renowned scientists. The 4th Child in the City Conference is expected to be another successful educational event and an opportunity to exchange the latest information with scientists and practitioners.

The Program Committee invites you to participate in the Conference by submitting an abstract of your work to be considered for presentation in Rotterdam. Interactions with colleagues on research and on practice are the cornerstone to building communications on the mentioned themes. Your presentation at the 4th Child in the City conference would be an excellent opportunity for you to share your work with the scientific and practitioners community. The abstracts should be sent before December 31st 2007 to



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