Resolution of the Council of Europe on fighting child sex tourism

On 23 April , the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has adopted the resolution on "Fighting child sex tourism".

Sexual exploitation of children in travel and tourism, also referred to as "child sex tourism" affects tens of thousands of children in the world, violating their fundamental rights and dignity. Europe is concerned by this phenomenon both as a sending and receiving region of "travelling sex offenders". Council of Europe member states should protect children against all forms of sexual exploitation, both within their borders and beyond. With a view to fighting effectively against child sex tourism, further signature of regional and international standards regarding the sexual exploitation of children is required, as well as strengthening of national legislation by ensuring compliance with these standards (including by providing for extra-territorial jurisdiction). States should establish mechanisms that will prevent high-risk sex offenders from traveling abroad and increase international cooperation for the prosecution of travelling sex offenders with a view to fighting against impunity. Awareness-raising efforts should be continued and sustainable and ethical tourism practices, encouraged. Finally, support should be increased to actors involved in combating child sex tourism in the destination countries.


The full version of the report is available here.

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