Raise your hand against smacking!

On 15 June 2008, in Zagrzeb, Croatia, the Council of Europe will start a Europe-wide awareness-raising initiative against corporal punishment of children "Raise your hand against smacking". The campaign will focus on the need to ban corporal punishment of children and promoting positive parenting.
As international launch of the campaign is getting closer, EURONET proposes a set of actions to make this campaign a reality for all children in Europe:
  • Alert relevant Government departments and civil servants about the campaign and propose them to play an active role by largely disseminate the info-pack done by the Council of Europe. In particular, ask them to translate and to adapt to your national situation and to print out the Questions and Answers booklet on abolishing corporal punishment of children, so that key messages reach all relevant public.
  • Obtain the support of celebrities in your country by having them committed to the aim of the campaign and ask them to make a statement against corporal on children.
  • Involve the national media and obtain their support for broadcasting the 1 minute TV spot on the launching of the campaign produced by the Council of Europe, soon available.


More information on the campaign

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