Mumbai Police speak against child abuse: #LetKidsSpeakUp

While the police is often vilified for being lackadaisical and incompetent to take up gender-sensitive initiative, the Mumbai Police have spoken against child abuse while initiating a campaign on social media. Titled #LetKidsSpeakUp, the campaign addresses child abuse and the plight a kid goes through following a similar experience.

Urging parents and family members to listen to children and their grievances, the department tweeted, "Children fear that adults won't believe them or will be upset with them. Gift your child the security of trust today! #LetKidsSpeakUp."

"Sometimes the first time is the last- don't miss the only opportunity of helping your child out of a lifetime trauma #LetKidsSpeakUp," another tweet read.

Child abuse is a serious offence which is less talked about in India.

In a 2015 report, the Times of India stated that India witnesses almost eight cases of child abuse every day, but the conviction rate is just 2.4 percent.


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