E-learnings for parents and professionals in the project „We protect children against sexual abuse”

Such educational resources are scarce, both in terms of formal and informal education regarding protecting children against sexual abuse. Despite some alarming statistics made public by the Council of Europe and indicating that 1 in 5 children in Europe become victims of sexual abuse, and regardless of obligations under the Lanzarote Convention, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia lack systemic solutions and strategies to counteract the problem on the level of formal and informal education. The proposed e-learning method guarantees broad range of effect, in particular reaching geographically underprivileged individuals, i.e. parents and professionals from little towns and villages. The added value of the project is that it demonstrates and teaches how to use ICT in education.

The e-learnings provide information on how parents can talk to children about their bodies, safety, dangerous situations, to improve their protection against sexual abuse, and how to react when children face dangerous situations online and in the real world (including legal intervention).

These e-leanings were prepared within the project "We protect children from sexual abuse - innovative tools increasing the knowledge and competences of parents and professionals in the area of the protecting children from sexual abuse" funded under the European Comission's Erasmus+ Programme, Action 2: Strategic Partnerships for adult education. Prepared e-learnings are availiable in 3 language versions: Polish, Latvian, Lithuanian.

Organizations interested in producing e-learnings for parents and professionals are encouraged to contact lucyna.kicinska@fdds.pl in order to get the English versions of the prepared e-learning courses.

E-learning courses in Polish
   E-learning courses in Lithuanian
   E-learning courses in Latvian

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