E-learning course for parents: How to protect children against sexual abuse

E-learning is available in Polish, Lithuanian and Latvian. Those states, despite some alarming statistics made public by the Council of Europe and indicating that 1 in 5 children in Europe become victims of sexual abuse, and regardless of obligations under the Lanzarote Convention, still have no systemic solutions and strategies to counteract the problem on the level of formal and informal education.The e-learning method is able to partly cover that gap as guarantees broad range of effect, in particular reaching geographically underprivileged individuals, i.e. parents and professionals from little towns and villages.

That particular course is dedicated to parents who play the key role in protecting children from sexual abuse. They are their first and crucial educators in their early years. In the same time, as researches show, many parents don't educate their children in this area because they don't realize the dangers, have limited access to information and knowledge related especially to the online aspects of the issue, and they don't know how to talk with their children about sexuality and abuse.

 E-learning course in Polish
    E-learning course in Lithuanian
    E-learning course in Latvian


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