Annual conference-Promoting the rights of children in alternative care across Europe

Eurochild annual conference will take place in Sofia on 24-26 of October 2012.

Children growing up in care or at risk of being taken into care are among the most vulnerable in Europe. Whilst no consistent data exists across Europe, the number of children concerned is significant, probably well over 1½ million.

Eurochild - a European network of organisations promoting the rights and welfare of children in Europe - takes the opportunity of its 9th annual conference to look at how the rights of these children can be best protected and promoted. At a time of unprecedented strain on public finances - and on the child protection system - how can we ensure the best interest of the child is at the heart of all decision-making regarding children's care?

The event is targeted at practitioners, academics and policy makers and will combine plenary sessions with workshops and study visits in and around Sofia. A group of children and young people with experience in the care system will accompany the event and bring their unique perspective into the debate.

Additional information about the conference and registration you can find here

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